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Fuel System


Wynn's Fuel System Service Can Save Money at the Pump and Help Make Your Current Vehicle Run Like New

Not only cleans injectors, also cleans carbon deposits from all head ports, backs of valves, combustion chambers and most importantly, cleans piston ring grooves, allowing optimum sealing of the rings. You and your vehicle benifit, by return of smoother idle, power and normal fuel consumption. Available for both petrol and diesel engines.

It's important for the fuel in the vehicle to be as clean as possible.

  • Performing fuel system cleaning service:
  • helps remove fuel varnish build-up
  • helps remove intake valve deposits
  • helps reduce cylinder head deposits
  • cleans the fuel system
  • Our service helps clean the fuel system and combustion chamber with multi-step cleaners.

Is fuel injection service necessary?

You can spray (with carb spray or special fuel injector linkage spray) the linkage around the throttle body, but the injectors, which are really the main part of the system are always being cleaned with gas while you drive. Gas is a great cleaner, so the simple answer is "no". That's one of fuel injection's big advantages over older style carburated systems, that needed cleaning and rebuilding sometimes. I've bought those fuel injecting cleaners that you add to a full tank of gass but they didn't do much. Drive them until they fail. You can check the electrical conections to the injectors, but there's no need for any routine maintenance.