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To improve fuel efficiency and lower pollution levels, modern vehicles are fitted with electronic fuel injection (EFI) in place of the Carburettor.

Although complex in design, the basic principles of EFI are relatively simple, and usually offer years of trouble free motoring, provided regular maintenance procedures are observed.


Most EFI problems are caused due to contaminants or tarnish clogging the injector's pintle valve. This valve controls both the volume and spray pattern of atomised fuel into the engine. Even the smallest of particles lodged in this valve can restrict fuel flow, and cause erratic running and poor performance.


The primary guard against contamination is the fuel filter. We strongly recommend filter replacement every 15,000 kms or six months. The use of in-tank chemical additives may also assist in reducing deposits.

To ensure optimum performance, we use and recommend quality EFI components from ACA, Bosch and other leading manufacturers.

Should your vehicle continue to show signs of fuel system problems such as rough idle or flat spots, we can carry out a complete EFI service and restore your engine to its peak running condition.


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