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Re-manufactured Engines

Replacing your car's engine may be a wise alternative to purchasing a used car, especially if your trusted vehicle is in otherwise sound condition.

If you are considering an exchange engine for your vehicle, it is important to do your research and ensure that you make an informed decision in order to receive the best value for money.

Be aware of the jargon used in the industry, especially the terms used to describe "exchange" or "change-over" engines. You should compare the processes and parts used by the manufacturer, and make sure that you get a written guarantee that details everything you are receiving.

For peace of mind, we recommend the use of a "Fully Remanufactured" engine, as supplied by HM/GEM engines, Australia's largest supplier.

We also recommend that you replace all of the ancillary components that are required in an engine fitment, and be sure that these costs are accounted for in any quote you receive.

HM/GEM engines are supplied with a 3 year UNLIMITED kilometre warranty on all private use passenger car engines.


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