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Service Intervals

Some car manufacturers recommend service intervals from 10,000 kms even up to 30,000 kms, or from  6 to 12 months, but this is often reduced under certain conditions.

We generally recommend more frequent servicing, depending on factors such as vehicle age and driving conditions. Apart from the benefits of changing the oil, regular servicing allows us to identify safety any concerns and replace any worn items before they cause major damage.

  • By-products of combustion, particularly when the
    engine is cold, cause sludge build up in the oil, which
    can block oil galleries and starve moving parts oflubrication.
  • Dilution from Fuel will make the oil thinner and reduce its lubricating properties.
  • Metal deposits from moving components, builds up in the oil and accelerates wear.

Regular servicing - using a top quality lubricant - reduces the effect of these problems, and greatly increases the life of your engine. It will also improve fuel economy, increase performance, and provide your vehicle in a safe and reliable condition.


This information is provided by PENRITE OIL COMPANY,
an Australian Company that has been producing
quality lubricants for over 75 years


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