Pride Autos & LPG: Handy Hints  -  6334 1311

Courtesy of Repco Authorised Service


  • TOWING When towing, don't attach the rope to any steering, suspension equipment, rear axle or bumper. See your owner's manual for the correct towing procedure.
  • BUSHFIRE If you're caught in a bushfire: park in the clearest area you can find, wind up all windows, cover yourself with rugs, jackets, etc. and tuck yourself under the dashboard.
  • SLEEP AT HOME, NOT AT THE WHEEL Around 30% of serious crashes are the direct result of motorists who insist on driving on, even when they know they're too tired to continue.
  • SAVE PETROL You use 25% less fuel at 9Okm/h than you do at 11Okm/h.
  • MINTIES COME IN HANDY To temporarily fix a hole in your petrol or radiator tank, a half-chewed Mintie can act as a sufficient seal until you can limp to a service station or your local Repco Auto Repairer.
  • BLOW-OUT If this occurs, do not make sharp changes in direction, don't brake or use the clutch. Ease up on the accelerator and if the blow-out was a front wheel, use the handbrake (gently) to gradually slow the vehicle.
  • CAR SICKNESS To avoid it, try sitting in the most 'stable' part of the vehicle. Don't move around too much, and look at the horizon, rather than at the road or trees.
  • OVERTAKING The 'blind spot' can be a real killer. Before overtaking, take a quick glance over your shoulder to see if a car is in your 'blind spot' It can take 1 1/2 kilometres to overtake a truck travelling at l00km/h. Make sure you have a clear road ahead.